Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Being Creative

If there's one thing I love doing, that's being creative.  It doesn't matter what I may be doing, I'd rather make things happen in a creative I can imagine a lot of you would also do.  So today I embarked on tuning up or rather prettying up my blog.  Again, it was a learning curve just to find the right links and buttons to adjust things, but oh so much fun was had!!  I am aware that to some people exploring the possibilities on the internet can be daunting.  But remember, it is a tool just like any other tool we use in our creative processes.  Drawing, photographing, sculpting, painting can all be utilized and used within or taken from, cyberspace. I feel blessed to have such a tool so I have decided to embrace it fully.  And in embracing it, I can research the worlds resources.  Today's little flurry with my blog has taught me that interacting with text, imagery and not being scared to be geeky can help me answer many philosophical questions.  My talking out loud to you is clarifying what it is I'm on about.  Hopefully I will see the effects of this self analyzing in my work and today's thought is....dialogue through the web is just another form of creative exploration and it's absolutely cool!

The Cabbage

I picked a gorgeous red cabbage from my garden. Each layer is a life in itself. Each layer represents growth. I feel like a cabbage, peeling away each layer until a best layer presents itself ready to be used in some culinary masterpiece. It's all part of the learning curve....yum!

Part of my immediate learning curve is to master the computer search engine.  I sat for 5 hours (glasses on, drink bottle by my side) looking at the words 'object' and 'visuality' and 'memory'.  Oh my God its such a powerful tool!  Addictive!!  Which makes me worry about the future of books??  and my ability to keep on track and not get distracted with Face Book and online shopping.  I thought I would rather flick through a book with visually tactile text and glossy pics any day, but for some reason I am drawn to the 'Google'.  Am I becoming a geek as well as an intellectual type?  Or have I been subtly seduced by the WWW!!!?  So much for the cabbage!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Knowing by Being-There Making:Explicating the Tacit Post-Subject in Use

Remember I mentioned I needed an 'art speak' dictionary??  My head is now full of words that are fabulously poetic....yet I don't have a clue what they mean?!  I have been told with great certainty that I will learn these gorgeous mouthfuls in no time at all and I will soon be intellectualizing my written research....I will be an academic!!!  Oh my God I am so excited!  Snap out of it girl!!  Before all that can happen I have to read, write, document, make, design, rip apart, scream loud!!  and probably pull my hair I that uneducated?  Oh my God now I am full of angst....
So, I challenge you intellectuals out there to read the above piece of written poetry (written by Cameron Tonkinwise, link below) and tell me what you think.  I can't wait to understand it!!    If you can't find it there are plenty of other juicy journals to look at....:)
P.S.  Learning is wonderful!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Feel the fear and do it anyway....

It's totally over-rated.....feel the fear (leg buckling, heart racing, brain burning!) and do it anyway?  Cripes!  Why, why am I doing this again???  Tomorrow I am presenting in front of a very academic crowd.  Normally I would be ok with this but after todays critiquing experience I seem to have lost all my focus.  It's all those big words that get me!  I need one of those art speak dictionaries uploaded into my overworked brain immediately!  Having said all that, I have to admit I am quite excited at the prospect of stretching my art practice beyond all my self inflicted boundaries.  I will be enriched by my trials and tribulations.  I have faith that the anxiety and worry I am feeling now is perfectly normal and all part of the  feeling of the fear syndrome.  I am not alone.  Learning to learn again is a journey for us all.  I will embrace it head on and do it anyway (this time tomorrow I will be relaxing, wine in hand, with my gorgeous and talented new friends.)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I have begun!

My brain has been kicked into action, like one of those things they kick start a heart with.....bang!  All I can say about today is it's amazing.....I am so impressed with the people who are teaching me to think and create.  I am amazed and so impressed with the people who I am studying with.....I feel so fortunate.
Am I ranting???  I am! I'm going to enjoy it while I can.....we only get one chance at our life so "Here I come life!!!"

Monday, 20 February 2012

Mixed Emotions

I'm sitting in my studio hiding away from my everyday craziness. On one hand I'm amazingly excited to be leaving tomorrow for my first block course. On the other hand I'm sad not to be seeing my daughter off for her own first year at University. Then I realize I'm hiding away from my family's constant need for me to be just as efficient and wise as normal (I'm really not normal at all!) Everything in their lives is changing and here I am wanting to rebel. I don't want to feel guilt for saying "it's my time kids, give me a break!" My head space can't take much more...I'm writing lists for them and for myself and I wonder, will they help me get organized? I think not! I do love them more than anything, but there comes a time in everyone's parental existence to say.....sort your own life out, organize yourself, you are a young adult now! I say and I think..."make plans, you have a wonderful full future ahead and this experience will create a confidence you will always have." Subconsciously that bit was directed at me. So no more procrastination. No more being scared of the unknown. Just feel the fear and do it and practice what you preach! Phew!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Procrastination: Delay or postpone action; put off doing.
Do I need to say more? Today....gym, coffee, groceries, kids, washing, baking and pickling.....
Now here I am thinking about what I have to do for what I really need to do!!  Power point, read, organize work, read some more, think intelligent thoughts, read some more!
I did work out how to make a really good batch of cinnamon bread rolls. Check them out!
And now that I think about it I did manage to take some documentary photos today, including one of the bread rolls. I guess my brain is trying to click into my concept, but I have to say it's a battle of trying to unlock a single door with a hundred different keys.....hopefully one will fit the lock soon!

Saturday, 18 February 2012


My nerves are on edge and I can't find my glasses!
Now Im back on track with my eyes pinned on the computer screen trying to compose a logical and informative power point presentation..... what am I doing again?? I have to make a good first impression.
Oh that's right Im beginning my Masters!  Cripes!
They say you should air your brain out every few years.  It's been 10 years for me!  So, this is the beginning of my most challenging chunk of my life (so far).  I can do it (that's what Im thinking in my head).....oh God how can I afford it?  Time, money, deadlines,'s all part over-analysing and self doubting as a more mature student tends to do.
This is my journey as it unfolds...Carmen Simmonds