Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Cabbage

I picked a gorgeous red cabbage from my garden. Each layer is a life in itself. Each layer represents growth. I feel like a cabbage, peeling away each layer until a best layer presents itself ready to be used in some culinary masterpiece. It's all part of the learning curve....yum!

Part of my immediate learning curve is to master the computer search engine.  I sat for 5 hours (glasses on, drink bottle by my side) looking at the words 'object' and 'visuality' and 'memory'.  Oh my God its such a powerful tool!  Addictive!!  Which makes me worry about the future of books??  and my ability to keep on track and not get distracted with Face Book and online shopping.  I thought I would rather flick through a book with visually tactile text and glossy pics any day, but for some reason I am drawn to the 'Google'.  Am I becoming a geek as well as an intellectual type?  Or have I been subtly seduced by the WWW!!!?  So much for the cabbage!

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